CT was a 65 degree cool bath (30 minutes) yesterday.  I didn’t have any ice to cool it down further than that.  I did buy 10 1-liter bottles that I filled with water and which are currently freezing.  I’ll see how far that gets me tonight.  There’s room in the kitchen freezer for probably 10 more, if necessary.

Food/eating is back on track again.  I’m tracking what I eat with Cronometer, which will give me a breakdown of the nutrients in my diet and let me know where I might be falling short.  It’s a little tedious to enter everything I’m eating, but I am curious about calories and macronutrient breakdown.  Yesterday’s totals were as follows:

  • 1880 Calories
  • 69%  fat
  • 30% protein
  • 1.4% carbohydrate

Yesterdays mood was good.  On a scale of 0-3, it was a 3.  I suppose I should define these numbers….I wasn’t screaming from the rooftops or anything, but I felt good all day.


2 thoughts on “Better

  1. Was listening to Dr. Kruse’s podcast with Jimmy Moore. He said 10% of morbidly obese have their leptin receptors fried–the LRx won’t really do much…they’ll gain weight as soon as they go off. He also said, the LRx can take 1.5-2 years to kill the inflammation and get things working properly. (i.e. yes, you’ll lose a lot of weight, but not all of it…depending on how damaged your hypothalmus is…).

  2. Hm…hopefully CT can expediate things. Otherwise I have the sneaking suspicion I’m one of the fried people…although I’m not morbidly obese. Maybe I’m just lightly fried. Sauteed.

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