Odd data points today:

  • Weight is up a pound today to the highest it’s been since March.  Hooray!  (<– not for realz.)
  • Blood sugar is FABulous at 86 this morning…hm…well that’s nice.
  • Waist measures 39 – down an inch from last time I measured a couple weeks ago.  The rest of my measurements are unchanged.

I notice my biggest and most unpleasant detox symptom from CT seems to be fatigue.  It’s not every day and it doesn’t seem dependent on what I eat or how much I sleep…so I’m guessing it’s detox.  Also my sleep is all over the place – less predictable.  For the most part I’m sleeping really well – too much, even, instead of the nice and steady 10PM-6AM I had going prior to CT.

No CT yesterday.  Took a break in order to get some other things done.  Back to it today, probably.

No more bulletproof coffee for me.  I made it on Saturday and had it along with my BAB.  Too damn much food.  I was just too full.  Apparently there isn’t enough room in me for that much food AND coffee with butter and CO.  I keep trying to find a way to fit it into my diet because it tastes so good…but I haven’t found that yet.  I guess I’ll stop trying for now.  Bye bye coffee machine…you’re about to go the way of the toaster.

I was just browsing YouTube and came across this lovely video.  It has nothing to do with health, fitness, weight loss, or CT.  I just like it and thought I’d share:

All I’ve ever cared about much is helping people. I used to think I could do that by counseling people – being a therapist. I wanted to work with people who had body image problems and eating disorders…mostly because I know how painful these issues are and I know how many people suffer. My first step in becoming a helper and a healer was supposed to be to heal myself…so I’d know how to do it…and then to use my counseling skills and license to go help others. Unfortunately Jack Kruse changed all that. He showed me that my problems weren’t psychological at all…they’re physiological. My emotional eating and the body-hatred that stemmed from it aren’t about my parents not hugging me enough, or about feeling lonely most of my life. They’re about eating the SAD – a diet that leaves people literally starving inside, despite eating plenty of calories. In fact, depression (including feeling lonely much of my life) could very well have stemmed from poor nutrition, not the other way around.

I now feel emotionally healthy, with regard to my diet and body. This is because I learned that my problems couldn’t have been helped – I wasn’t to blame. It wasn’t a character flaw that made me fat. It was bad information.  I feel like it’s my purpose in life now to get myself healthy and then to help others get healthy. I don’t know how this is going to look yet. I don’t know if it’ll be a job or if it’ll be how I spend my free time. I do know it’ll happen though.

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  1. Well, I said it before, but some things bear repeating. You’re an inspiration. Peace be with you.

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