I did not love my CT today

I was soooooo c-c-c-c-c-c—COLD today. Through the whole thing! Cold tub was about 60 deg F to start, about 61 at the end.  Skin temp was 64 at the end of 30 minutes (not including the 5-min it took to get submerged).  So about the same temps and duration I’ve been doing for the last week or week and a half, right?  And now it’s about an hour later and I’m still getting little shivers and feeling cold.  And I’m getting hungry!  Huh?

So why was today so different?  Let’s rethink the day.

I usually do the cold in the evenings…around 7.  Today it was around 8.  I usually eat dinner around 5:30…today it was around 6. Maybe the key is to do it earlier?  Or closer to dinner?  Maybe I didn’t eat enough at dinner?  Others say their cold tolerance is worse when they didn’t eat a high protein/fat meal within a reasonable amount of time before the bath.  Maybe I waited too long today.

Darn baby, making my life unpredictable!!

Yeah, this sucks today.


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