Updates (with an update to the updates)

No cold bath last night – it seems to make me really tired and I actually needed to get some other stuff done.  I did some spot icing yesterday – during my 20 minute drive to work and then last night before bed, using these fabulous ice-sheet things that I got from Walmart for about $3 each.  I focused the ice on my upper back and neck area, as I’ve been reading that’s where our Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) is, and the goal with the cold is to “activate” BAT.  I’m not completely clear what happens when BAT is activated – if I had endless time to research, this is what I would learn about right now.

This thread over at Mark’s Daily Apple seems to have some good discussion regarding the benefits of CT, including,

Exposure to cold increases your metabolism, leading to fat loss and a slew of other health benefits including the prevention and elimination of many metabolic syndrome and age-related diseases.

Considering that I’m the poster child for a not-so-slow descent into poor health, this is why I’m interested.  My health has declined considerably in the last 5 years.  The likely culprits are stress (got married, moved to a place I didn’t know anyone, started a job that didn’t feel good, had a baby…) and poor diet.  The stress has abated somewhat, although I’m still too busy.  The poor diet is completely over.  I’ve now gone 85 days with no soda or wheat, and very little sugar and starchy foods.  Yesterday I had one potato chip (I was hungry and couldn’t leave work to get dinner).  That was the first potato I’ve had in 85 days. It really isn’t hard to stick with this, but it does require planning.  And it requires being ok with looking like a doofus (“I’d like the Caesar salad please, with just chicken and lettuce.  Hold all the other ingredients please.  Yes, I’m serious.  Thank you.”).

Babykins is still eating Paleo.  We’ve got 5 or 6 days left in our 2-week trial to see if her behavior/sleep/disposition/etc improves.  In my desperation to find something she would willingly eat (because she’s not liking a lot of the things I eat every day) I bought her some breakfast sausage at Aldi – the really cheap stuff loaded with preservatives (BHT and BHA – says so right on the front of the box) that tastes absolutely fabulous but probably cause cancer when used long-term.  Of course she loves it and was gobbling it up.  Success!  No.  On Sunday – the day after eating this stuff – she started having tantrums that lasted for an hour or more…at weird times of the day that she’s never had problems before.  I blame the crappy food.  Threw out what was remaining of the toxic stuff, and I’ve now resolved that she can eat anything wheat and dairy free that she’ll tolerate as long as it’s of decent quality.  So now she’s eating a lot of bananas and applesauce.  Yesterday she was her normal happy bouncy healthy self.  Still didn’t sleep great last night though.  When this 2-week trial is over on Saturday we’re going to add dairy back in and see if there’s any obvious change.  I don’t think she’s lactose intolerant, and although humans probably aren’t biologically adapted to drink milk from a cow, I don’t think everyone’s health suffers from eating dairy.  She loves milk and cheese…and I’m hoping she can have it.

OMG…just after I wrote that last paragraph, babykins woke up and was screaming.  I got her up to change her diaper and follow the normal morning routine and she had a major tantrum for no obvious reason!  Maybe it isn’t the food at all.  Maybe it’s just being 2.

In any case I’m going to keep her off wheat.  Unless something miraculous happens between now and Saturday, she’ll be having dairy again soon.


I forgot to include the detox symptoms/side effects of CT I’m experiencing, for the record:

1.  Soreness where I’ve been spot-icing – Kind of interesting, actually – it’s not sore like frost-bitten, but sore as if I’ve been working out those muscles.

2.  GI issues – Nothing serious, but noticeably different.  I’ll spare you the details.

3.  Gut-rumbling – After spot icing yesterday, my gut was making noise.  I was sitting next to my supervisor in a meeting and she said, “I think you need a snack!”  Embarrassing.

4.  Itching – I woke up in the middle of the night and my legs were itching something fierce.  Lotion solved the problem.  The itching was in the same places that my skin gets dry in winter…so maybe this is less about detox and more about skin oils being depleted by the cold water.

5.  Increased hunger – I am getting hungry earlier than previously.  I guess people’s experience with this varies quite a bit – I expect my appetite to drop off at some point.

That’s about it.  Mood is stable, no acne…maybe because I’m doing the CT slowly and working my way up?  I hear the most benefit (and probably the greatest detox) occurs with low temps and longer duration.  I’ll keep going slow.

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