Baby on Board

A week ago we took the grains and dairy out of our daughter’s diet.  I was listening to a Jimmy Moore podcast with guests Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry – the authors of Eat Like a Dinosaur: Recipe & Guidebook for Gluten-free Kids. Stacy was talking about how they raise their kids Paleo, and how their youngest has always been Paleo and is the happiest, most sunshiny of all children ever.  Well, my daughter being in the midst of the “terrible twos” makes that sound just delightful.

I got to thinking about the Terrible Twos.  It’s kind of like colic (which she also had)…nobody really questions it.  They just think it’s a normal part of development, and that most kids outgrow it.  Yes, well…there are a lot of things I’m questioning now.  Just like high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol shouldn’t be considered a “natural” part of aging, maybe colic and the terrible twos shouldn’t be considered a natural part of childhood development.  I mean, why would it benefit a child, evolutionarily speaking, to alienate their parents and caregivers when they’re still extremely helpless and vulnerable?

Anyway, my husband and I agreed to do a 2 weeks trial of no wheat (no gluten, really) and no dairy for her.  For milk we’re substituting almond milk (also tried coconut milk but she didn’t like it).  Instead of wheat/grains we’re baking with almond meal and just feeding her whole foods, including starches like sweet potato.  We started this last 6 days ago.  She’s been getting over being sick so it’s hard to tell exactly how this has affected her so far, but I will tell you that for the first few days she had some emotional upheaval like I’ve never seen from her before.  Like, she would be sitting around calmly and then get a really frustrated look on her face and just start writhing around on the floor, whining.  Usually when she gets upset it’s because she doesn’t get something she wants…not just for no reason whatsoever.  Weird.  Yesterday, however, she was like a different child…completely sweet and calm and alert.  I’m interested to see where this will lead us with her.

My mood is still very stable and positive since I started the progesterone cream.  I did get my lab results for my estrogen/progesterone retest from ZRT labs.  It was a salivary test, completed on Day 19 of my cycle.  It’s likely to be a little FUBAR though, because my cycle has been irregular.  I ended up getting my period on day 20 of my cycle last month.  So I’m taking all of this with a grain of organic salt.  Anyway, this time my estrogen AND progesterone came back low.  On the previous test my estrogen was high and progesterone low – but I was taking a DHEA supplement, which raises estrogen.  I found out I don’t like DHEA, discontinued it, and tested a week later (probably too soon).

So on one test my E2 was too high, and on the second my E2 was too low.  On both tests my progesterone was too low, and on both my Progesterone/E2 ratio was too low.  So according to both tests I’m lacking progesterone and it makes sense to supplement (yay for jumping the gun and being right!).  Because my E2 was low, I’m not going to supplement with DIM or Glutathione (I think that’s what it’s called)…the supplements that help metabolize excess E2.  We’ll just proceed along these lines for now, and see how it goes.

Did some face dunks last night…this is probably what I’ll do when I don’t have much time…just to keep the cold in the picture.  Dr. K linked to an article on facebook yesterday about how face dunking into very cold water can sort of “reset” you when you’re having a seriously emotional moment.  I’ll have to remember that.

Off to work now.

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