Chilly Bath #1

First cold bath yesterday.  It was 66 degrees F and I could barely stand it!  Submerged up to waist, for about 15 minutes.  I plan on taking this slowly…for no other reason than it’s really flippin cold!  I should mention that after about 4 minutes I was used to the water and it felt great…warm even.  It was just that initial shock of cold.

I haven’t talked much about my diet lately.  I’m still following the Leptin Rx diet protocol, which involves 3 meals/day:

BAB (big ass protein/fat breakfast):  Today I had about 8 oz salmon for breakfast (wild-caught, for maximum Omega 3 benefit) and 2 pastured eggs cooked in coconut oil, and about 1/4 of an avocado.

Lunch:  Usually a salad of some kind, typically lettuce and chicken, sometimes with hard-boiled eggs, bacon, cucumbers, black olives, or other things.  I try to avoid commercial dressings but yesterday I had about a tablespoon of ranch dressing.  If there’s oil and vinegar available I’ll use that.  Sometimes lunch is a fast food hamburger with no bun.  I know this isn’t ideal, but sometimes a salad doesn’t cut it.

Dinner:  Meat and vegetables, usually.  Last night I had leftover grass-fed roast beef.  Forgot to eat vegetables.  I also had some Nutiva Coconut Manna.  That stuff is great in a pinch – delicious, high quality fat.

And lots of water.  It’s about all I ever drink, except occasionally some tea while I’m at work. Much simpler than the 5001 snacks per day I used to require.

Ok…must go to work now.  This blog is really my only hobby these days, for lack of more time.  I’m glad its here.  Thanks for visiting!

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