Wow…yesterday was really a bumpy ride.  My mood was very hormonally driven, but when I’m right there in the middle of it it feels like the world just completely sucks.  I was really depressed yesterday.  I looked around and watched my little girl sitting on my husband’s lap as he was playing with her and teaching her to match picture cards to one another.  The sun was shining through the window, and Jack Johnson was playing happy surf music in the background.  The 5% of me that wasn’t toxic with hormones looked around, saw this nice domestic scene, and knew the problem had to be inside me….there was simply no evidence that my life sucked.

Yesterday was day 8 of my cycle.  Too early for ovulation or PMS…so I suspect it may have been a toxin dump issue.  This is what I was afraid of, with the CT…that extra estrogen released from fat cells into my system would start wreaking havoc on my mood and relationships.  So last night, right after my CT session, I started using Progesterone cream.  I had to supplement with Progesterone when I was trying to get pregnant, and then during my first trimester.  It was in much higher doses – like 200mg three times a day.  This is about 20mg two times a day, and it’s topical so I’m not sure how much actually gets absorbed.

Just got my little sweetie out of bed.  It feels great to see her today and the world feels like a benevolent place today.  Hormones are extremely powerful things.

2 thoughts on “Hormones

  1. First things first … you don’t have your name anywhere on this blog. It’s like talking to the wall, LOL. Think CSI’s theme song … WHOOOOOO ARE YOU?

    OK, the hormone thing. I have been mildly depressed myself the last week or so. Woke up at 3:30 cause the cats were misbehaving and lay there for at least an hour feeling pitiful. Then I got to wondering if it was my hormones and if my strange but nice compounding pharmacist had messed up my dose. BECAUSE the last time I felt this low was about 20 years ago when (I now know) my estrogen levels took a HUGE nose dive. Or maybe it’s just a planetary alignment. I don’t think too much estrogen can make you depressed but I do know that one of the hallmarks of menopause IS depression which is caused by not enough estrogen.

    Hormones. Why do they wreak so much havoc? my point is, I feel for ya.

    But don’t be afraid of either the leptin reset or CT. As you lose weight you’ll wind up dumping toxins anyway. I think the best thing is to drink more water. Flush ’em out before they make you nuts. I know for myself I haven’t been drinking enough water again. I keep a pitcher on the counter which I fill every morning. I have YET to empty it by the end of the day.

    Hang in there. You are NOT alone on this journey. Give that baby girl an extra hug.

  2. What are you trying to say…that I take confidentiality just a wee bit too seriously?? 🙂

    Ok, I’ll fix that.

    Good idea with upping the water intake. I now have that “CT tan” that others are talking about too. Nothing like making an experiment out of your very existence!

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