Making the Time

No CT yesterday…by the time I was done with my day (9PM) I was just too tired to even think about the cold.  I’m going to have to come up with a way to incorporate this into my daily life in a way that it’s not just an afterthought, or left till I’m too tired to deal with it.

I finally contacted the Bulletproof folks…there was a “glitch” and they didn’t send out my order for extremely overpriced coffee.  Would I still like it?  No, please just refund my money.  Thanks.

My weight is down to 184.8.  Started the Lepin Reset on 2/7/12 at 192.8, so a net loss so far of 8 pounds.  Let’s see…8 pounds in 75 days…At this rate I’ll be at my goal weight on June 17th, 2013!  Hm.  Let’s see if CT will speed that up a bit, shall we?

3 thoughts on “Making the Time

  1. Muscles must no longer be LR–I wrote this to the doc,

    Dr Kruse,

    Just noticed the following (around 12 weeks LR, 8 weeks CT)…on nights when I eat dinner around 5-6pm, I go to bed around 10-11pm and in the morning I wake up sweaty on my neck, behind ears. (I sleep with the a/c set at 70f blasting on my face). A few times I ate late due to difficult circumstances around 8-830pm, and I didn’t wake up sweaty in the morning. Am I correct in assuming UCP1 & UCP3 is turning on and muscles are no longer LR, and also, the eating too late is causing the insulin to block Leptin from entering the hypothalamus? Just want to verify seeing the theory put into practice. Thanks a bunch.

    Jack Says:
    April 22nd, 2012 at 7:49 am
    @BenG yes you are. You need to sleep on top of the covers nude and watch what happens next……

  2. Very interesting, BenG. Sounds like you’re really “getting” the science behind this all – is that just from reading Jack Kruse?

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