Getting Cold

I started the cold thermogenesis (CT) protocol yesterday.  I did it in sort of an unusual way though, due to a pretty cool coincidence.  There’s a thrift shop in town that my husband and I go to every couple weeks or so.  I’ve been known to call it the “magic” thrift shop because whatever I really need seems to magically appear there.  We went there yesterday, right after I decided and announced on here that I was going to start the CT protocol.  We found this:

It’s an ice-water cast sort of system – you fill the bucket with ice water and attach the cuff to the bucket via the hose to fill the cuff with ice-cold water.   It’s meant to be wrapped around your knee (to treat knee injuries) but as you can see the pad is sort of doughnut shaped and fits nicely right onto my face if I’m lying down, with a hole in the middle to breathe through.  And the best part…it only cost $6 at the thrift shop (it retails at Amazon for $80).

So I tried it yesterday after I got home (and after eating dinner).  I also used the handy Infrared Thermometer I bought a few weeks ago in anticipation of eventually starting CT.  This thermometer is great – you aim it at whatever surface area you want the temperature of (skin, water, knee cuff, etc) and press a button to measure.  Super easy.

So I did three 5-minute sessions with the Cryo Cuff on my face.  This is in place of face-dunking, which is what the protocol actually says to do.  I may try face dunking today for the sake of comparison, but I think this was effective for the purposes of starting the cold adaptation process.  Here were my numbers for my first session:


  • Skin temp: 91 degrees F
  • Cuff temp: 46 degrees F

After 5 minutes of CT:

  • Skin temp: 66 degrees F
  • Cuff temp: 70 degrees F

Changed water out for colder water (took 3-4 minutes), then CT for 5 minutes, then

  • Skin temp: 66 degrees F
  • Cuff temp: 51 degrees F

Break for 2-3 minutes, then 5 more minutes CT, then:

  • Skin temp: 66 degrees F
  • Cuff temp: 53 degrees F

I think maybe I didn’t let the water chill enough before the first 5 minute session, because it warmed up really quickly.  In any case, it seems my skin temp will get down to about 66 degrees using the cuff.  I think that’s an ok starting  place, and my face was certainly red after each 5-min session.  The advantage to the cuff is that I don’t have to come up for air and I can leave it exposed to the cold much longer.  I need to read through Dr. K’s forums and see how cold skin temps typically get during the face-dunking part of the protocol.

I felt slightly nauseated while applying the cold packs yesterday, and last night I felt really warm when I first lay down to sleep.  Probably placebo effect at this point. My sleep was otherwise typical for me – some waking during the night, but in general I slept about 8 hours.

I think it would be interesting also to track my calories eaten for a few days.  I’ve started drinking Bulletproof Coffee in the mornings, which is about 500 calories all by itself, in addition to my normal BAB.  If I can manage to do so I’m going to track my calories for the next week and also watch my weight as I enter the CT world.  More data = good.

Today’s weight: 185.8 (about 7 pounds down from when I started the Leptin Rx in February).

Today’s calories so far:  1288 (7 oz beef, 2 pastured eggs, 3T coconut oil, 3T grass-fed butter, and coffee).

And it’s only 7:00AM!!!

I’ve already eaten what weight watchers says you should eat for an entire day!!!

Part of the reason I want to discuss my calories is to demonstrate that calories, if they’re the right kind, are not going to make you fat.  (I know the 3 people who read this blog probably already know that, but one day maybe someone like my mom will stumble across it and find it educational.) Notice there were no carbohydrates in my breakfast…so according to Gary Taubes and other low-carb researchers, my body will be literally unable to store any of this 1200 calories as fat.  It’s possible I won’t lose weight (if there’s no calorie deficit) but I won’t gain weight.  I also want to see how long before I become hungry again.

Onward with my N=1.

4 thoughts on “Getting Cold

  1. Just be prepared for a stall when detox stars up within 1-2 weeks and be patient till 4-6 weeks elapse before the results start coming in..

  2. I love this blog and the science backed thinking. I’m from the UK and remember trying to explain to a bunch of 10-year old kids at Fat Camp in Texas that eating Olestra Fat Free chips will make them fat… I gave up as it just was too much effort.

    I’m at the infancy of starting a similar blog where I track my progress as I Bio Hack My Wife… lots of baseline measurements to do; but principally it will be using a cold thermogenesis (Cryolipolysis) based on this Harvard academic Paper. These are the guys that went on to start the Zyrtec fat freezing company… so it’s good science. Andy.

  3. Thanks, Andy! It’s true – once you realize the power of actual data you can’t ever go back to being guided by your feelings.

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