2 thoughts on “How It All Started (for me)

  1. Some ramblings,

    After 5 weeks of CT, entering week 9 of LRx, I’d say the detox is complete. It was never that bad in the first place (acne, nasal drip, occasional headache, irritability (like PMS — must be all that E2) that an ibuprofen took care of). Actually, I am still detoxing, it’s just the symptoms have abated…Fat cells continuously leech all their junk till their depleted. Dr. K says it takes 4-6 weeks for the liver to up regulate and become efficient at killing the toxins. Weight loss resumed. I stalled during the detox during the first few weeks. Last week I lost 2lbs, this week, lost 4lbs, so some of the CT benefits are really starting to kick in.

    Sleep has been erratic, but this is normal. When DHEA levels climb, (a good thing), your body has to adjust to the new levels and some nights I sleep great, others, not so great. Still following reset. Even eating a few more carbs, but I think I can titrate my carb load up and eat more (I’m having milk, cheese and fruit in the morning), yet I can still get away with it with the CT. I know it’s not perfectly optimal…he’d probably prefer I eat strictly keto, but reduced carb is enough for me. Still eating BAB, no lunch, normal low-carb dinner, in the dark by 8-9pm, and asleep between 10-11pm. I listen to MP3s in the bath. I find it easier to take the baths in the daytime. I warm up quicker. If I take them in the dark before bed, my feet and legs stay cold, and sometimes it’s harder to get to sleep with cold feet.

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