My moods haven’t been the greatest lately.  I had a thought today.  What if I get all of this thyroid and hormone testing back and it’s all normal…?

I guess that would mean I’m just a bitch by nature.

Just a bad person!

I say that sort of humorously, but lately I don’t even want to be around me.  And normally I really like my company.

Today I had to get up earlier than necessary and had to skip my BAB to drive an hour to get labs drawn.  I was hungry.  Now it’s 5 or 6  hours later – I’ve since had breakfast and lunch – and I’m cranky and I have a headache.  I think there are a few things I need to do regardless of what all the labwork says.

  • I need to find some way to have more fun.
  • I need to eat a wider variety of vegetables to make sure I’m getting all the necessary nutrients.
  • I need to manage my time better.  Less time on the internet and more time keeping up with things.

My blood sugar was 111 this morning – 21 points up from yesterday and from my new fasting average.  Yesterday the only thing I did differently was eat some chocolate sweetened with erythritol.  I guess I won’t be doing that again.  I’ll probably try again in a week or so to make sure it’s not just a coincidence.  I wonder if that has anything to do with my headache.

Whatever, body.

2 thoughts on “Moods

  1. Are you getting enough sleep/rest? I find I tend to be REAL cranky when I don’t get rested. Since I had insomnia for 25+ years it’s a wonder my hubby didn’t divorce me.

    I have also found that sugar alcohols act just like sugar in my system so I have had to give them ALL up. Make your own choco bark with coconut oil, cocoa, chocolate and whatever sweetener does work for you. I’m going to try adding some shredded coconut and almond flour to see if I can make a kind of macaroon.

    And not so much on the fruits and veggies. If you’re really following Kruse you know he’s very much into SEASONAL paleo. good luck… I’m still trying as well. It’s just and ongoing thing.

  2. Hey Darlene,

    I think I am getting enough rest…or at least enough sleep. Not enough time devoted to fun and relaxation though. Must work on that. Chocobark sounds yum. 🙂

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