Updates: Blood Glucose and Labs

So check out my fasting blood glucose graph these days:

Look at the last seven days or so (on the far right).  Something is definitely happening – my fasting glucose levels are back in the normal range again.  That’s cool!  I wonder if it’s just sticking to the Leptin Reset protocol or if it’s related somehow to the supplements I started taking a week prior to the drop.

I saw my doctor yesterday.  She ordered thyroid tests for me for this morning, including a TPO test to evaluate for Hashimoto’s.  She wasn’t interested in ordering me hormone tests, but referred me to a gynecologist when I told her my cycle is 3 weeks overdue.  I did go ahead and do the 4x Cortisol testing, as well as testing for DHEA and the sex hormones, through ZRT labs.  Maybe I’ll have results before the end of next week.

I’m sleepy.  Off to nap before the baby wakes from hers.

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