Leptin Rx: Week 7, Day 2

Just a quick check-in before I leave for work.

First, a wish.  I wish I had unlimited funds to get all of the testing I want done!  I’m flying blind a little bit, taking supplements without even knowing exactly what’s wrong with me.  I’ll get more testing done over the next couple weeks.  I just want numbers!

My weight has come down a couple pounds again to 187.  I don’t know why it jumped up 3 pounds in one day last week.  A commenter on Dr. K’s blog (specifically the “Leaky Gut Prescription” post) was saying her weight was very much tied to dairy intake.  Hm.  Well, I’ve never completely given up dairy for more than a week or so.  So I’m interested in trying this.

I’ve stopped putting cinnamon in my tea (a la Tim Ferriss).  It didnt’ taste too bad, but it was staining my coffee mugs and making a mess every time I made it…and frankly, I don’t believe Tim Ferriss.  I need more than just his anecdote.  So the last time I did that was 4 or 5 days ago.

My blood sugar is doing something interesting.  I’ll update with a graph soon…first I have to make sure the trend continues.

Ok, gotta go.

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