Leptin Rx: Week 6, Day 4

I’ve been moving toward a much more Paleo-centric diet for my little girl lately.  About 2 weeks ago I bought her some bread and English muffins…and when those are gone, I don’t believe we’ll be buying more.  She’s pretty easy to convert, actually.  She likes most things we feed her.

A year ago her diet was much different (as was that of her parents).  She was eating Ritz and Goldfish crackers for snacks all the time.  Now I look at the labels on those things in the store and can’t believe I was feeding her trans fats and high fructose corn syrup, not to mention all kinds of mysterious additives and colorings.  Now she eats carrots, snow peas, and cheese for snacks, and takes a children’s DHA supplement.  I added that last part after watching this video about the effects of fish oil on a child’s brain.  Wish I would have started sooner. I’m also feeding her fish, but not often enough yet.

In preparation for my doctor’s appointment next week, I’ve been taking blood sugar readings before and after all meals.  I figure when my doc sees that high fasting level she’s going to freak and try to put me on Metformin or something, so I’m preparing my counterargument.  Here are my readings for yesterday:

  • Fasting: 113
  • 1 hour after breakfast: 122
  • 2 hours after breakfast: 102
  • 1 hour after lunch: 100
  • 2 hours after lunch: 96
  • Before dinner: 89
  • 1 hour after dinner: 91

Here’s 2 days ago:

  • Fasting: 119
  • 1 hour after breakfast: 117
  • 2 hours after breakfast: 111
  • Before Lunch: 113
  • 1 hour after lunch: 99
  • 2 hours after lunch: 91
  • Before Dinner: 79

Isn’t it interesting how it drops over the course of the day?  I’m eating very few carbs, so I’m not surprised the post-prandial readings are low, but it’s so odd to me that the fasting readings are the highest point of the day.  I believe it’s known as the Dawn Phenomenon.  I wonder how long it will take before it starts to come down to normal levels.  Like everything else…must wait and see.



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