Leptin Rx: Week 6, Day 1

5 weeks down.

I notice that now I’m never thinking about my weight.  That has become very much beside the point.  Learning as much as I have lately about health makes me MUCH less concerned about vanity, and much more concerned about my health in general, and the health of the people I care about.  I guess I always thought that having problems with things like poor sleep or a too-big appetite or aches and pains was just idiosyncratic stuff that all people go through. It never occurred to me until I started reading Dr. Kruse’s blog that this stuff may be typical, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal. And not only is it not normal, you don’t have to settle for it!

The evolution of my concern with health really started when I read “Good Calories Bad Calories,” by Gary Taubes. Ok, “read” may be a slight exaggeration…I read a couple hundred pages of it.  It was just too much information for me to hold in my head and I had so little free time that I was unable to remember from one reading session to the next what I had been reading.  Anyway, what I took from my reading of that book was that we’ve been duped by big business into thinking things about our health that just aren’t true – things like eating cholesterol gives you heart attacks, and the lower cholesterol you have the better, and that grains are good for us.  When his book “Why We Get Fat” came out I got it and read it cover to cover in 2 days.  It was the same information only condensed into a much more readable (shorter) book.  From this book I came to understand it wasn’t my fault I was overweight.  It wasn’t a lack of will power or character that made me this way.  It was being lied to all these years.  Immediately I was able to move on from my self-hatred and self-blame and put my anger where it belonged – on big business, capitalism, and the USDA for their crappy food pyramid.

I took Gary Taubes’ advice to eat low carb.  I started listening to Jimmy Moore’s podcast.  That’s how I learned about Dr. Kruse’s Leptin Prescription, which I’ve been following for 5 weeks now.  And now after muddling my way clumsily through his blog, I’m learning that there are all kinds of ways to fix and tweak our bodies – to engineer them using nutrition, exercise, cold thermogenesis, and supplements.   It’s caused me to look at my health differently.  Like, maybe I don’t need to feel tired all the time, and maybe it’s not because I have a 2-year old and a job.  Like, maybe it’s not normal that I can’t lose weight, and maybe I should get to the bottom of this before MY thyroid is “mush” (<–that’s how my sister’s doctor described hers).  Like, maybe having no sex drive doesn’t have to be my lot in life.  Like, maybe my screwed up menstrual cycle is trying to tell me something.  (It hasn’t been normal since I had a miscarriage a year ago).

I’m going to get all the lab work I need.  If it costs me a thousand dollars, so be it.  I got some labs drawn today for my routine Dr. appointment coming up next week.  I’ll have more done after that.  Probably a thyroid panel, an antibody test to see if I’m also having thyroid problems (which I now suspect).  And the rest I’ll probably have to get done at an independent lab.

I’m thirsty all the time.  I don’t know why.

Someone I know had a massive stroke over the weekend.  She’s just a little older than me.  Significant brain damage.

I’m done screwing around with my health.


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