Leptin Rx: Week 5, Day 5

I’ve had trouble sleeping the last 2 nights.  Not sure why, the first night anyway.  Last night probably had something to do with drinking wine at dinner.  I don’t drink much these days and alcohol has a history of screwing with my sleep.  But the night before…don’t know.  I was awake at 2:00AM, all thinking and worrying about stuff.  I had to distract myself with the iPad for a little while in order to quiet my mind and go back to sleep.  It just seems like I’ve been sleeping very lightly…not as soundly as I was a couple weeks ago.

I am a little confused by Dr. Kruse’s recommendations.  When I started the Leptin Rx he had not yet unveiled his Cold Thermogenesis (CT) ideas, and it seems his recommendations have changed since then regarding diet and supplementation.  For example, I don’t remember him saying anything about chocolate being great for you, but now he says that over and over in the comments (99% chocolate, to be exact.  Why even bother with the 1% sugar…really.  How about just eating unsweetened chocolate?).  Same with seafood – he didn’t talk too much about seafood being so great before…it was all about the grass-fed beef and coconut oil…and now we’re talking a LOT about a high seafood diet. I guess this could be as simple as “Do X if you’re doing CT, and do Y if you’re not.”

Some people who are trying the CT are not having the desired results after 3-4 weeks of cold baths and showers.  A few people say they’re cold all the time and haven’t lost any weight.  Apparently this is because of unresolved hormone issues or an O6:O3 imbalance.  I don’t know where I am with that stuff because I haven’t had labs done.  I guess I’m hesitant also, as I said previously, to do the cold adaptation going into summer in the Midwest.  I don’t want to feel like going outside on an 85 degree day is unbearable, running all summer to the air conditioning.  I guess I want to see what others report first.  Thank goodness for the bold among us.

My husband is very science-oriented, and is not yet on board with the theory behind CT.  He says, “Couldn’t it just be that when exposed to cold our bodies use up a lot of calories generating heat to keep us alive?”  Not quite buying the “Ancient Pathway” theory.  I don’t know either…I’m certainly no expert in biology or evolution, but I’m not sure why we would still have this pathway when man evolved in Africa.  Wouldn’t it make more sense for us to have evolved a way to tolerate/thrive in the heat rather than cold?  And are there studies that say people who live in the cold live longer?  I don’t know the answers to these things, and I don’t have the time to do the research right now.  I’m solidly in wait and see mode.

I  just ate some 86% chocolate.  Not 99%…so probably not as good…

I’m going to check Amazon for 99% chocolate.  Yup…they sure do have it…for $3.33 an ounce.  That seems high.  Or I guess I could just go over to my local Walmart and buy 100% cocoa for $0.62 an ounce.  Hm…How much is that 1% sugar worth to you…?

I am running out of time before the little one wakes up from her nap.  Must power-recreate.  Ciao.

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