Leptin Rx: Week 5, Day 4

Yesterday’s BAB worked out fine.  I made it about 7 hours till lunch, and then didn’t get hungry till about 5PM – almost time for dinner.  So it looks like the best BAB for me is 9oz of meat, or substitute one egg for one oz of meat.  Today I just had 9oz. of meat.  The BAB isn’t hard to eat anymore.  Maybe that’s because I know the benefits of it – no hunger, no cravings, great focus and concentration all day, high energy level. 

I thought I’d take a few minutes today to make a list of all of my physical maladies.  If becoming Leptin Sensitive – or using Cold Thermogenesis (which I haven’t done yet, but plan on doing at some point in the near future) – actually does reverse health problems, I better make a note of what mine are.  That way when they disappear I can look back to this post and say, “Oh yeah…I remember that!”

Here they are:

  1. High fasting and post-prandial blood sugar (the post-prandial is only high when I eat carbs.  On my current diet only the fasting is high).
  2. Allergies (seasonal and pets)
  3. Plantar fasciitis (pain in the soles of my feet when I first get out of bed or first stand after sitting for a while)
  4. Excess body fat.  My current BMI is 31.9.  That puts me in the “obese” category.  I have always thought the BMI scale was full of shit, but it’s certainly true that I’m overweight.
  5. PMS, including some pretty severe mood swings.
  6. Low sex drive.
  7. High total cholesterol (for what this is worth, which probably isn’t much).  Last time I had it tested before I started taking Lipitor it was around 273.  Then I went on Lipitor.  I’m off now.  Stupid statins.  Stupid Big Pharma.  I think I’m having one of those PMS mood swings right now, by the way.  It’s a good day to complain about everything that’s wrong with me!
  8. Fatigue – before I started the Leptin Rx, this was my biggest complaint.  Turns out just eating the right diet fixed it, but I want to put it on here anyway so I don’t forget this is where I’m coming from.
  9. Acne – not a whole lot, just enough to bug the crap out of me

I guess that’s it.  I’ll add on if I think of anything else. 


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