Leptin Rx: Week 4, Day 7

Ok…how about a general update.

The Good

  • I’m sleeping well.
  • I’m almost never hungry.
  • I’m finding higher quality food sources right under my nose (grass fed beef, pastured pork and eggs just down the street at the farmers market every Saturday).
  • My husband is completely on board with Paleo eating and research.  We’ve been cooking together.  It’s great to have a new common activity.
  • My weight is dropping, albeit slowly.  Today it was 185.8 – that’s about 7 pounds in just under 4 weeks.  I guess that’s almost 2 pounds a week on average.  I’m just impatient.
  • My fasting blood sugar is stable, about 10 points lower than when I started.  (I’d like it to drop another 20.)
  • I have no cravings for carbs. When I was just eating low-carb, I was DYING for the crap my husband would bring in the house.  It was so hard to not eat potato chips and chocolate or drink alcohol.  I would feel completely deprived and angry that I couldn’t have them.  I even made him put all the stuff in a cabinet that I couldn’t easily reach to make it harder for me to eat.  Now I just don’t think about it.  I don’t care.  I. actually. dont. care.  I always wanted to be one of those people who could have delicious food in the house that they just forgot about.  Now I am that person.  There has to be a biochemical change happening in me because I have no history of being this kind of person.

Alright now…

The Bad: None! Things are going great.

So moving on…

So Dr. Kruse has been unveiling his Cold Thermogenesis (CT) ideas on his blog.  In a nutshell, he says if you routinely and systematically expose yourself to cold environments or stimuli (like cold baths or air) your body will begin to utilize a pathway in the brain that is currently lying dormant in warm-adapted mammals, which causes the body to generate a ton of heat and prevents/reverses all neolithic disease.  He explains his reasoning and the biology behind it, and a lot of people are trying it (as evidenced in the comment sections of the blog).  Dr. K. says in the comments that one needs CT to become “optimal” (e.g., an “A+” functioning human), but that CT is not absolutely necessary to be leptin sensitive (better and faster, but not absolutely necessary).  Well, I’m not quite ready to take ice baths. I’m not opposed necessarily…and there’s nothing I want more right now than to be able to live a long and healthy life, to be here for my daughter (who is 40 years younger than me).  It’s an exciting idea…and I’m currently in wait and see mode.  I want to wait and see how far the diet and lifestyle changes get me first.  One day…I may be sticking my face in icy water every night.  But in the interest of not confounding my treatment variables, I will wait.  Yeah…that’s it…it’s about controlling variables.

4 thoughts on “Leptin Rx: Week 4, Day 7

  1. Your experiences on the Leptin RX are exactly the same as mine! FWIW, I’ve tried the CT, and it’s not hard. Shocking, I know! I tried the “boil a frog” method (or freeze a frog!): Put in an inch of warmish water, sit in it, then get in, turn on the cold full blast and let the tub fill. It really was much less of a deal than I imagined it would be.

    I do baths every other day, with ice packs on belly the other days. I’ve also started using ice packs & actual ice in the bath with no problems. The first few baths I was super cold *after* getting out (not while in) for about an hour, but not the last one. I was invigorated and refreshed!

    I do wear a hat, gloves, and wool socks (I do get my feet wet, but not hands). And, I’ve seen slowly increasing energy (any increase at all is a miracle for me) and my belly fat has disappeared RAPIDLY in the last week. 4lb worth!

    Keep in mind some people are experiencing die-off as the toxins stored in fat are released and re-circulated on the way out (this is a known phenomenon in weight loss even in the mainstream medical world). It’s not a problem, just a nuisance, but it can range from bizarre mood changes or fatigue to nausea or sexual side effects (all is temporary – very).

  2. Wow…that’s quite an endorsement. Thanks for sharing your method. I have a feeling I’ll be trying this sooner than later. Those are really cool results!

  3. I’ll also say, the CT accelerates the reset…Faster weightloss, faster blood sugar turnover, etc. I use the removable shower head. I remove it and start tepid, and lower it in notches..I spray different parts of my body 30 seconds and eventually get to the lowest setting (30’s)…My skin is pink when I am done where I sprayed and I repeat it a few times, then I’m done. It’s easier and more bearable to do different sections than all at once, and it turns the skin the desired pink color he says to go for (shows the body is sending perfusion to warm the surface instead of causing lowered core temperature (which you don’t want.)

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