Blood Glucose Update

Well, my fasting blood sugar stopped its fabulous downward trend.  Here’s where we are now:

It’s still solidly under the threshold of full-blown diabetes, but I was hoping it would be trending down toward the 90s and 80s by now.  Well, I’ll continue tracking it.  Maybe when I enter the magical land of Leptin Sensitivity my fasting blood sugar will also drop.  Stay back, Type-II, stay back!

Had an interesting experience yesterday.  I felt hungry earlier than usual before lunch – only about 5 hours after eating.  I decided to go ahead and eat lunch, but noticed I had forgotten part of my lunch at home.  I was at work, so I was just out of luck.  I ate lunch – at 11:15AM, fully expecting to be starving by, say, 4 or 5PM, while I was supposed to work till 6:00.  Lo and behold, I made it comfortably through the entire day and actually didn’t eat dinner till about 7:00PM – almost 8 hours later!  I love not having to worry about being hungry.

4 thoughts on “Blood Glucose Update

  1. Have you had your HS C-RP checked recently. That tells you how inflamed you are..the higher it is, the longer the reset will take. Mine was < 0.5, so mine dropped from 94 to 85 in about three weeks. My wife's was 2.6 and she dropped from 108 to 100 in the same time-frame.

  2. Hm…good to know. I’ll call the doc and see about labs today. I’ve been a little lazy about that, mostly because I’m avoiding my doctor. Part of me is still a little kid, afraid of being scolded for quitting my medication. How silly is that. I’ll call today! Thanks, Ben.

  3. If you’re going to the trouble, get T3 and reverse T3 checked too; that will tell you how resistant you are.

  4. Good thinking. I actually did call the doc yesterday to discuss getting these tests. I’ll talk about it in an upcoming post.

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